Nepal Agro Live (P) Ltd. is a professional service company was established and registered in FY 073/074 (May, 2017). It is an independent, non-political, service oriented and management consulting organization registered under the Company Register Office (CRO) of Ministry of Industry, Nepal. Its establishment was inspired by the need of exploring appropriate approaches for the sustainable use of local infrastructure by developing the managerial and social organizational capacity of local development professionals and to address the issue of unemployment. Another area where consultancy is providing appropriate technology for small scale and commercial agricultural farming with counseling. Keeping in view of those gaps Nepal Agro Live is dedicated in developing the Technical, Social, Managerial, and Financial capacity building of local institutions, local service providers and community peoples. This is primarily focusing on developing capacity of local institutions to better plan, manage, implement, monitor, and maintain local technologies for sustainable use of resources.

The prime objective of the organization is to enhance livelihood of rural people by improved technology expansion along with local technology development for rural communities with the help of supporting organization. Nepal Agro Live has been designing and implementing programme that strategically combine energy with important social concerns such as income generation, employment opportunities and social empowerment.


Nepal agro live is committed in conducting research and consulting services with highest professional ethics with the help of modern techniques and tools for the enhancement of rural people livelihood through technical support in different type of technology promotion and capacity development works in nation. Nepal Agro live vision is to Promote the environment-friendly, low-cost non-conventional Irrigation Systems (Drip and Micro-sprinkler systems) with plastic tunnel appropriate to the needs and resources of small farmers.


In order to achieve goals Nepal Agro Live manages a unique combination of man, machine and material in every services provided by us.


Nepal agro is dedicated in providing quality technical, socio organizational and management services to the optimum satisfaction of the client.

Overall Goals of Nepal Agro are as follows:

  • Conduction of quality research and consulting services to central and local government organizations, multi-lateral, bi-lateral, private and public sectors organizations.
  • Dissemination of technical and profession skill relating to technical and management aspects to the client and users’ community for sustainable utilization of resources and facilities.
  • Development of technical and management capability in private sector through transfer of technology for sustainable development of nation.
  • Encouraging farmers towards modern irrigation technologies with agro tools and equipment.
  • The mission of Nepal Agro Live is to emphasis small holder farmers towards commercial farming by giving them the consultation regarding commercial farming using modern irrigation technologies and equipment.
  • The mission of Nepal Agro live is to give quality services at a reasonable cost so as to achieve farmers satisfaction.
  • Mechanism in place to improve agricultural inputs supply and produce markets to increase economic sustainability.
  • Developing and Strengthening the capacity of Local farmers by an Agricultural Technician and other resource persons on Modern Agriculture Technologies.


  • Technology disseminated and supplied Drip systems, Plastic Tunnel House to the Nirmal Krishi Samuha (NGO), Bishanpur Katti , Siraha in 073/074 in coordination with Shital Thopa Sichai, Gwarko, Lalitpur
  • Demonstrated and supplied Drip systems at Kavre in 073/074 in coordination Ceapred-Nepal (NGO),
  • Technology demonstrated and supplied Drip systems, Plastic Tunnel House and plastic pond to the Pax Earth (NGO), Kanpur, Kavre in 073/074
  • Managed and conducted trainings on micro irrigation systems and supplied Drip systems to Action Work Nepal (NGO), Kavre in 073/074
  • Existingly working for Providing Consultancy Services to capacitate 100 farmers for smart vegetable production (with plastic tunnels) in Bhaktapur district in coordination with R & D Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd
  • Demonstrated and supplied Drip systems and Plastic Tunnels to Digo Unnati Krishi Samuha (NGO), Bhaktapur in 073/074
  • Recently managed and installed Drip, Sprinkler and mist irrigation on Screen, plastic house and open field at Temperate horticulture centre,Daman.
  • Given Technical support in Project “Healthy Garden Healthy Home” in coordination with DCA at Dhading.


  • Central and local government organizations and donor-assisted projects,
  • National and International non-governmental organizations
  • Private and public sector entrepreneurs
  • Other Related institution who provide direct and indirect support to this institution


This is a private limited company registered under Company register office. The company is fully owned by its founders and associates having professional expertise in various field of participatory development from participatory management to facilitation skill to imparting technical and socio organizational know how. The experts were involving different location of the development field and providing their professional knowledge to this organization as required.  Company associates were provided authority to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage day-to-day regular activities of the company.

Currently, the company has 5 regular Professional and administrative full time staff and over 10 part time professionals consisting of Engineers, Micro Irrigation Expert, Human Resource Development Facilitators, Institutional Development Specialists, Value chain and social marketing expert. The company has resource persons well experienced in project analysis, financial analysis, and social development with focus on rural markets.